1- “I have worked with Kristen GoldMansour over several years and am always impressed with her level of commitment, quality of thought, willingness to prob- lem solve, and genuine commitment to inclusive edu- cation. Whether introducing a group of educators to the ‘basics’ of inclusion, or immersing herself within a school culture in order to help staff create their own vision and work toward it, Kristen conveys the possi- bilities of providing all students with a quality educa- tion.”
Dr. David J. Connor,
Department of Special Education, Hunter College
New York City

2- “G & R has given me clear, step by step instruc- tions on how to make art a productive time for par- ticular children. They have created behavior plans and suggested alternative materials for certain students. However, of greatest significance is the way that they helped me see outside the box and put myself in the place of special needs children so that I could make my own judgements about how to adjust my teaching. This type of training has been integral to my growth and effectiveness as a teacher.”
Kathleen Piscionary,
Art Teacher, DOE
New York City
The GoldMansour and Rutherford Team
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Both Ms. GoldMansour & Ms. Rutherford have proven track records of developing inclusive programs that fully incorporate the components of balanced literacy; the specifications of all students’ IEP’s and that meet performance standards of the mandated standardized tests. Our team of consultants is available to you as seasoned classroom teachers, in addition to their expertise in state-of-the-art professional development techniques. GoldMansour & Rutherford is a New York City Department of Education contracted vendor.
Kristen GoldMansour
Kristen has been a passionate advocate for inclusive education for over 20 years. Throughout her career, Ms. GoldMansour has been a classroom teacher, an instructional coach, and an educational consultant. She has helped develop successful and dynamic programs in dozens of schools in the NYC area. She has worked on district, regional and school levels helping educators create viable and effective inclusive programs for their schools. Kristen works closely with principals, administrators and teachers in order to ensure that the schools’ visions and strengths are an integral part of their inclusive programming. Kristen particularly enjoys spending time with teachers in classrooms problem-solving and creating individualized programs for students.

Kristen received her Master’s of Special Education at Syracuse University. She is a recipient of the Bank Street Early Childhood Education Award and she has served as adjunct faculty at CUNY Hunter College.
Alison Rutherford
Alison has over 11 years experience in the areas of literacy and inclusion. She has worked as a classroom literacy teacher and literacy coach in Broward County, Florida and New York City’s Region 9. Her vast knowledge of literacy instruction, classroom practice, and inclusive education has proven to be extremely successful in the schools she has been involved with. In addition to having her MA in English Education, she has National Board Certification in Early Adolescent Language Arts.

Alison has particular expertise in helping facilitate school-wide literacy initiatives in Secondary settings. Her work supports teachers to develop individualized school-wide literacy programs that have had a significant and measurable impact on students’ achievements in reading and writing.
Rachel Zindler
For over 12 years Rachel Zindler has been working with children and teachers in various settings across the primary grades. She has taught in both general education and collaborative team teaching (CTT) environments and developed individualized curricula for students with a variety of learning styles as an Academic Intervention Specialist. As an experienced educator, she has guided new and veteran teachers in curriculum design, individualized assessment, and differentiated instruction. Ms. Zindler has led various workshops and published action research focused on the Inclusion model of education. For the Guggenheim Museum’s outreach program, Ms. Zindler led a team of artists and teachers in writing curriculum incorporating art, technology, and social studies.
Jennifer Purdy
Jennifer Purdy has been an early childhood educator for 17 years. She taught kindergarten and first grade at PS 234 in Manhattan for 9 years, followed by 8 years as a literacy consultant for grades K-5 in various New York City public schools. Jennifer taught graduate level literacy courses at Bank Street College of Education and has presented workshops for A.U.S.S.I.E., Teachers College, and Bank Street.

Jennifer began her work in inclusive education when she and Kristen GoldMansour collaborated closely to develop PS 89’s successful CTT program. Their synergy seamlessly wove together the literacy and special education needs of inclusion teachers at the same time. In addition to her outstanding skills as a staff developer and literacy specialist, Jennifer has expertise in the area of co-teaching and differentiated instruction. She uses her extensive knowledge of balance literacy to help teachers singularize for whole group and small group lessons. Jennifer remains committed to child-centered learning and is an advocate for helping all children to access these types of educational settings. Jennifer is a parent of a child with special needs.